Shawna McCreaFinancial Planner at Balance Financial

My most valued offering is providing a risk-free environment to my clients. In my financial planning practice, I find your financial pain and make it go away.

I typically work with female business professionals who face one or more of these challenges:

• Concerns about the future and protecting those important to them
• The grey cloud of financial overwhelm and confusion
• Don’t have time, knowledge or desire to manage their financial journey
• Not listened to, or valued, by their current advisor
• Conflict with spouse and/or family

I help my clients feel in control of their money by creating a safe space to share, being a sounding board and guiding them on the path to achieving their financial goals.

In my well-being community business I am on a mission to improve overall well-being in the Okanagan by connecting local well-being businesses to the 80% of the Okanagan residents that are in need of their services. I work with local businesses that offer body, financial, mind, social, or business services as part of their company's value proposition and who are striving to grow their business and reaching more of their ideal clients.