"It is coming up on one year this September since the group launched and it has been nothing but a positive and inspiring experience for me so far. Through referrals and connections within the group I have been able to bring in clients and revenue to Pacific CoastCom – TELUS that otherwise would not have been customers if I were not part of KBNP. 

I really appreciate the work put into the group each and every week and the platform you have provided for us to share about our businesses and learn about each other as well. For me, these weekly meetings are always a highlight of my week.  I know I can recharge, refocus and be inspired to do better in my own business whenever I come each Thursday morning. 

Thank you also for keeping the weekly meeting agenda fresh, fun and exciting. Whenever I am in social settings and people ask me what I do for work and how do I bring in clients I always mention that I am a member of KBNP. Being a part of a professional business networking group local here to Kelowna that is fresh, new and has organically grown from the ground up within the past year is something I am very grateful for. 

Everywhere I have been and mentioned Kelowna Business Networking Professionals it is met with a positive response. Thank you for your hard work, keeping this group accountable and everything behind the scenes that is involved in making these meetings possible.  

I believe that the positive impact and outstanding reputation KBNP has within Kelowna will bring in more members and accelerate the growth of this fantastic group."

- Caleb Matthews, Pacific CoastCom – TELUS


"Starting a new business in Kelowna is a challenge. The city works almost exclusively through word of mouth referrals. Being a part of KBNP has benefitted me greatly as I have been able to develop genuine relationships with numerous different local business owners that has resulted in positive referrals to my business. I would recommend any new business (especially someone moving to this beautiful city) to join!"

- Gerome Louie, Physiotherapist at Prime Physiotherapy and Performance


"This group has been nothing but a blessing to me. I feel like since I stepped into this group a lot of things changed. I feel comfortable and supported, everyone is there for everyone and I love how there’s no competition between businesses. I highly recommend KBNP for sure, and this is only the beginning."

- Lucie Majyambere, Leave It To Lucie